This blog is an ongoing work in progress as I venture into a world of key words and phrases, inbound and outbound links, SEO, SMO, RSS and all the other defining attributes of successful on-line technology.  On the one hand I want to create a platform to comment on the world of social media as I see it.  On the other hand, I wish to express my ideas on an array of topics that are, and can be, impacted by the social networking climate.  Hence the use of the term “meandering.”

Webster’s dictionary defines the word “meander” as “a winding path or course,” a concept usually applied to the uneven turns or bends in a stream – a free-flowing body of water.  I see this as a metaphor for the adventures in e-journalism that I’m about to undertake as I integrate the social media platform of blogging into both my professional and personal life.

Writing, as such, is meant to be a free-flowing collection of words that create content.  In my opinion, dynamic content has direction.  It tells a story that incorporates twists and bends and guides the reader to either a solution, conclusion, or some other type of end-result that perhaps answers a question, satisfies a curiosity, or teaches a lesson.

I have no idea where any of this might go as I chronicle my ideas, impressions, experiences and knowledge of social networking as it relates to our times.  Like a meandering stream, the bends and turns of this blog will be determined by the path of words and phrases that are influenced by the course of my observations and encounters; and it is the substance of news and information that will directly, and sometimes indirectly, shape the journey through which this blog flows.

Though not all of the information presented will necessarily be of interest to you, I hope that you will benefit from some of my ideas, learn from some of my lessons, and enjoy what I introduce.


  1. Great stuff!

  2. WOW! You are such a gifted writer. When is your first book coming out! I would read anything by you.

    • Thanks for your kind words!!

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