Posted by: gerrib18 | November 22, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question!

Do you have a website for your business or product? In this day and age, if you don’t have an engaging and attractive site then you’re really missing the boat.  Still, in and of itself, it’s not enough to just have a vibrant and creatively designed website if you want to attract attention – the key word being attract.  To attract attention or lure and retain potential customers, your site should also integrate a blog.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are used to research brands, products, items and services.  Users search with key words and phrases to help them sort out and find the information they seek.  The key words and phrases act as mechanisms that launch web crawlers to look for the best matches for a query, ultimately compiling lists that are finally displayed by the search engines. A goal for your website should be to attract the attention of these web crawlers so that your brand will show up in search results – and hopefully show up at the top or somewhere on the first page.

Web crawlers are most effective in a world of dynamic content. Websites that promote only static unaltered content, featuring pages such as “About Us,” “Our Service,” or “Terms and Conditions”, are less likely to be found by web crawlers over the course of time.

Just like a shark is attracted to motion and activity in open waters, web crawlers too are attracted to the ever-changing environment of words and images.  A blog that is incorporated into a site creates a ripple effect and acts as a stimulus for crawler-based search engines because of the timely entries, comments and feedback.  The ongoing changes are a signal for “spiders” to return on a regular basis so they can find your updates and information.  In essence, it becomes a feeding ground for the sharks.

PROBLOGGER is a great on-line resource for learning about trends, tips and news from some of the top experts on blogging.  Additionally, some other sites to visit for learning blogging’s ins and outs include Blogtap, DailyBlogTips and The Blog Herald.

If you want to promote your brand and create an impact on the Web, where competition for presence has become steep, then there should be no question of whether to blog or not to blog.  The answer is clear.

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