Posted by: gerrib18 | January 22, 2010

An open letter to Conan O’brien: Or, now that you’ve got NBC in your hands, whatcha gonna do with all that dough?

Dear Conan,

Don't be scared you'll find something soon - maybe you could afford to help the Haitians in the mean time.

WOW, what a raw deal you got from NBC.  Only 8 months and you get canned.  At least you were able to recognize the writing on the wall early enough to demand a decent severance package.  You deserve every bit of the $40 million you’re getting for NBC’s breach of contract.  Oh yeah, I also want to say that it’s great how you’re also looking after your staff.   And, the fans, well you’re so lucky to have so many people on your side.  I’ll tell you what others told me when I lost my job last year.  Don’t give up.  Something good will come your way.  Despite how hard it is in this economy to find a job, I bet you’ll have network people knocking on your door.  That’s what everyone told me when I was in your shoes.

So Conan, what are you going to do with that money now?   I heard that George Clooney is giving $1M to Haiti.  I just donated $30 – it’s the best I could do.  If you can’t afford to help right now, maybe you’ll click on my widget for Direct Relief.  Every time you complete a task, my sponsors will donate money to Haitian relief efforts.  Or, maybe if you don’t have time to do that, you could spare a million or so now.  I know you’re out of work; but if you want to apply for unemployment, you’ve got to get some of that $40M balance down man.  Tell you what; if you’ll step up to the plate with your winnings I’ll try to give a little more too even though I’m out of work like you.

You’ve been a riot this week.  I hope that I helped your ratings by staying up late to watch you make fun of your bosses.  Wishing you the best of success in your new career!  By the way, LinkedIn is a great way to network and look for job leads.  Let me know if I can be of help.

Keep in touch,


P.S.  If you check out Facebook and Twitter you can learn how else you can spend your earnings on the Haitian people.  Oh yeah, NBC – the network that fired you – and the other TV networks, they’ve got this show on that also tells how to help.  Tens of thousands need our help!!


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